Fusion Energy; Why Should I Care?

We all know that when a prize is really large, people will put out the effort to claim that prize, even if the odds are small to win.  When the January 2016 Power Ball game held in 44 states, the nation’s capital, and two territories, reached $1.5 billion, it seemed like everyone was playing.  The prize was too captivating to resist.  What we are saying is; the prize of fusion would feed the world. This means no more starving children.  Fusion would power desalination plants to bring clean water to every person and to irrigate farms around the world.

Oil will become useful only as a lubricant and as a base for manufacturing plastics and for other materials.  What is now an oil shortage will become an oil glut.   The price of oil will tumble, therefore the cost to make clear plastics for greenhouses would become very affordable.  People would even be able to build greenhouse farms in the Arctic Circle, all warmed and lighted by fusion.

We could go on for pages listing all that would come from the development of fusion.  In fact, we don’t really know all that could be done with unlimited energy.  Look at the Internet; how long was it before we really began to figure out how to make use of this new development?  Unlimited energy will change things. There are so many groups and so many people now working day and night to alleviate the sufferings of others. Fusion will be the answer to their selfless quest.

On a global scale, when people are fed and have the things needed for survival, they become much more reasonable. We don’t know all the wonders that fusion will bring, but seeing its potential, how could we possibly turn away from working to bring this amazing blessing to all of humanity?

This is why we hope you will take the time to study this Web site.  It is important that we all understand the promise of fusion and the terrible politics of power that has kept this gift from us all. Unlike the lottery, this is not a matter of luck; it is just a matter of priorities. Fusion has the potential to bring humanity unlimited energy and unlimited dreams.

One conservative estimate by a team of fusion scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratories shows that fusion may be possibly demonstrated in principal for slightly more than one tenth of the amount of the January 2016 Power Ball prize. It is possible the same group can build an actual proof of concept energy producing fusion reactor for about the same amount of money as this Power Ball prize.

Let the Games Begin



Unfortunately the green movement is missing the only source of energy that will really help our planet.  Green Energy without fusion cannot power much more than a very simple and near primitive lifestyle for humanity.  There is just not enough energy there.  For example, to replace the energy from fossil fuels in America one would have to completely cover most of the lower states with solar panels.  They might object!  We know what happens to individuals lost in the desert when they put their efforts into chasing mirages.  The same is true for planets.