Solar Project: 2MW Concentrated PV (CPV) Design Optimisation – Mildura

Design Phase – March ‘11 – July ’11

Client: Solar Systems Pty Ltd

Project Goals
An optimisation study for a 2MW CPV project, evaluating the cost, risk and performance of a range of different system configurations in order to arrive at a preferred design and specification.

Project Features
In order to complete the analysis a Microsoft Excel design tool was developed for Solar Systems that automates the electrical design – sizing of cables, selection of inverters and impact of junction boxes. This tool facilitates a detailed cost analysis of the many potential configurations available. The tool was designed to be forward compatible and the process documented so that analysis can be simply replicated for future projects.

System cost was analysed alongside risk, efficiency and a detailed supplier and product evaluation against shortlisted options in order to finalise the recommended system design and specifications. The analysis and recommendations were wrapped up in a report that was submitted as part of the successful funding milestone of the project. The project has since progressed through to construction, albeit at a reduced capacity of 1.5MW.