Letter to Mitt Romney

Tom D. Tamarkin
Since 1980 our government has known the solution to the world energy crisis16. Yet it has been continually mismanaged17. Today, the Obama Administration and DOE are engaged in smoke and mirror tactics to cover this up18. The way to bring America to its knees is to deprive its citizens of inexpensive plentiful energy. Unless reversed, this is our destiny and our admittance in the “New World Order.” A science based project larger than the Apollo Lunar program19…subscribed to by the people…run by the private sector20 …is the only hope for America’s rebirth.

July 12, 2012
Governor Mitt Romney
Presidential Candidate
United States of America
Post Office Box 149756
Boston, MA 02114
Ref: Republican Victory

Dear Governor Romney:

America is in desperate need of leadership and the world is in desperate need of American leadership. Abraham Lincoln said America is the last best hope for Earth…for mankind. In order for America to respond to its calling, its citizens must be challenged to have a reason to exist. In the past our “greatest generation” fought for the freedom of most of the world. Later, as a giant step for all mankind, we went to the moon and back. America was an exceptional nation. Now more than ever, the world’s future depends on America showing its exceptionalism.

The world is on fire and America is the only potential extinguisher1. The core of the issue is energy. The fire is the terrorism exported by the Middle East oil producing nations and the spread of radical Islam based on the caliphates2. The world…not just America…is being held hostage by those using energy to finance evil3.

Over three hundred years ago, Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest scientific mind the world has ever seen, wrote that “the days as we know them now will end around 2060”4. One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein5 showed us how and why with his formula E=MC2. What were Newton and Einstein writing about? Energy, as explained in Pat Boone’s article “Fusion: Nature’s Choice for Energy6.” God gave us around 300 years worth of fossil fuels, and the wisdom to harness energy for millions of years. The recent Jewish Birkat HaChammah7 is God’s sign that we are in a window of time to complete this work8. This “Secret of the Sun”9 can be used to galvanize the Jewish and Christian vote to take back America and answer the world’s call for help. We will duplicate the Sun’s energy production on Earth.

As a devout Mormon, you understand the need to maintain one’s body and mind in near perfect condition for future generations. We must also repair and maintain the world in near perfect condition. The Hebrew term is Tikkun Olam. Along with the State of Israel and our special relationship with her10, we can do this. America will create the next “greatest generation” based on a sense of morality and righteousness22. Our mission will be even grander than JFK’s when he challenged America to go to the moon and back in less than a decade. Our mission will be to solve energy for the world…for all time.

Governor Romney, please challenge America to openly “fess up” to the fact that all the “green and renewable” energy sources in the world can only provide 5% of the world’s energy needs by 205011; that based on the rise of nations like China, India, and others, oil, coal, natural gas, and the like will be depleted by 2050; and that the only viable solution is to solve energy through God given wisdom and American ingenuity and innovation in the private sector12. This will be done through the development and commercialization of safe, unlimited fusion power13-15 & 21 .

Tom Tamarkin


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Enclosures; printed version of selected papers, all files including the “CBS Sunday Morning” NIF Fusion Energy story on three red, green, and blue “USB drives”.

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