How USCL EnergyCite® plans to bring fusion to the world

By Tom Tamarkin
Founder Fusion4Freedom, EnergyCite LTD, & USCL Corp

Dec. 2, 2016

  • President-elect Trump will be approached through his policy advisors to issue a Presidential Proclamation challenging the private sector to demonstrate fusion energy within a decade. We have sent a briefing letter to Mr. Trump dated November 18, 2016.
  • Monies to fund fusion science completion and needed R&D will most easily come from the electrical utility rate payer base. Less than fifty cents per month from electricity users nationwide over 10 years funds the needed fusion science and applied R&D.
  • We will organize a utility consortium to help all utility companies gain positive PR from their smart meter deployments based on our in-home energy connectivity and patents. The electricity users and the utility companies who own the electric meters are the “single user infringers” of our patents and therefore must practice our patents through license agreements. The Consortium will be organized and managed by EnergyCite LTD.
  • USCL/EnergyCite® will raise equity operating funds in a private placement offering in Q4 2016 – Q1 2017.
  • We will also produce a video game series based on energy described on the PowerMasters game website. Funding for the game development may be separate from EnergyCite LTD funding.
  • Most of the video game profits will be put in a “fusion incubator.” some is used for the core business of EnergyCite® and USCL Smart Meter operations and a dividend to our early family of private investors. Say 90% fusion and 10% USCL but that is an estimate. The fusion incubator is described in our article Fusion Energy; Too Important To Fail – Too Big To Hoard
  • The fusion incubator completes needed science research, engineering development and commercialization of at least one fusion approach and builds at least one demonstration power plant putting electrons on the grid.
  • It is envisioned that USCL EnergyCite® will negotiate a CRADA (Cooperative Research And Development Agreement) with the Los Alamos National Laboratory to include the Plasma Jet Magneto Inertial Fusion project of Hsu, et al, in the fusion incubator.
  • The PowerMasters video game series, Smart Meter Communications Network, and social media partners will get Americans to the point where they know what fusion power is, understand the need for it and willingly demand it by being invested through their checkbook every month when they pay their power bills.
  • The fusion incubator will be a hybrid of profit-nonprofit.
  • Fusion Energy IP will be owned by the consortium.
  • Fusion IP will ultimately be licensed to equipment manufacturers, etc.
  • Scientists, engineers, and employees will have very significant financial incentives to make fusion power real. The financial incentive package in total will be in the >1 billion USD range. This makes up for corporate equity stock and stock options which are difficult to project future valuation; and the fact that the IP needs to be held by the consortium and licensed to future participants whose future business is negatively impacted by fusion; current fossil fuel companies as an example.