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Why is Power R Future & EnergyCite Extremely Important?

We have shown that our country…and the world…will be in short supply of energy over the next 2 decades. Prices of electricity, natural gas and gasoline will go up and up while countries fight over resources.

Our extremely comprehensive analysis has shown that solar, wind and the other renewables as we know them today will not solve that problem.

Incredibly no one is addressing this issue. Lots of people are concerned about global warming and other issues and using those concerns to further reduce energy production and create bad public policy.

We will turn that around by:

And we will use our patents as granted in America, China, EU and Israel to generate income stream from the utility industry and its supply chain to fund an industry consortium, to actually fund and manage fusion energy research. This is something the government is not doing and the utility companies can’t do. Our patents cover the utility smart meter in combination with in-home devices like smart appliances, smart thermostats and the delivery of real time energy information to people’s computers and mobile devices. This lets people control their home energy use from remote locations.

Additionally electric vehicle charging stations and dash boards are covered by our patents.

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We believe that solving energy and reducing the reliance on Middle East oil along with the actual reduction of oil revenues to those countries is a strong step toward peace and we plan to do much of our work in Israel. Israel has a world class scientific and technology infrastructure and is not influenced by the politics seen in America.

We believe this can be a galvanizing project for people throughout the world.

It’s like the Apollo moon landing, but with a much greater reward: Clean, unlimited and affordable energy for the world.

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