USCL EnergyCite® Business Opportunity Presentation

“We bring the world’s fuel gauge into every home in America and tell you how much you’re spending on energy every few seconds.”

Carmichael, California, United States

“We bring the world’s fuel gauge into every home in America and tell you how much you’re spending on energy every few seconds.”

The goal of EnergyCite® is to commercialize and distribute an in-home energy dashboard for people to see how much money they are spending on energy and reduce their energy expenses. Simply put, we bring the electric utility power meter inside the home to your fingertips and we convert those funny numbers on the power meter to dollars and cents and much, much more.

But we take it much further than that. We plan to develop and market interactive video games for adults and children based on science and the principles of energy. Video games that teach facts and help instill values in young people. We know the utility industry will strongly embrace this because these games allow people to discover for themselves just what the utility industry is up against today with the environmental movement’s assault against coal, natural gas and oil. These games actually use the homeowners energy consumption and cost data coming from their utility smart meter in real time. Regardless if they are in their home or on the road a confinement away with their smart phone or tablets.

Statements like “go green”…”go solar” abound. But is this practical? We know the answer and you can too, by following this link. However that is no fun. Our games will allow people to find out for themselves without us or others having to lecture them. And of course no one will listen to a lecture when it is contrary to emotion and subliminal conditioning by the media day in and day out.

This video was produced in our design engineering and manufacturing partner’s facilities located in Xiamen & Zhangzhou, China. Tom Tamarkin of EnergyCite® & Charlie Chen of Lilliput take our investors on a tour of the product development and manufacturing facility. The products are in late stage design and test. We plan to produce the products in the Lilliput facility. All screens shown in product shots are real and indicate working software. There are no simulations.

Lilliput may be evaluated by clicking here.

who's talking about it
Our vision is to put the world’s energy dashboard in every home in America. This starts with how much electricity you are using every hour…every minute of the day, and how much you are paying for it. In other words we want to provide everyone with a real time electronic tabulation of their electricity bill. We know that by doing this, people will use electricity more wisely and save money as a result. And people will feel better about the fairness of their electric utility company. We will do this on a portable electronic display, PC, or smart phone and will integrate this into home energy management systems for people ready to take that step.

We will also provide global fossil fuel and alternative energy reserve, energy production, and energy use information in real time. And we will provide science and energy information delivered to these displays in plain English that everyone can understand. We believe when we do this, an interest will be developed by people in science and energy and just how big a task it will be to solve energy for a worldwide population projected at over 9 billion by mid-century. As we all know our fossil fuel reserves are finite and when they are gone, there gone. Yet few people truly realize how close we are to that point and how this will affect the future of their children and grandchildren.

We believe solving energy is the greatest challenge our young generation faces and yet hardly anyone is talking about it. Our vision is to be the catalyst to change that while at the same time giving people practical tools which allow them to save money by conserving energy in their homes today.

What led us to this vision/mission?:

As a college physics major in the 1970s Tom Tamarkin was taught that energy would be solved by 1995 and that a new virtually inexhaustible cheap and very green source of power would be developed and put on line by 2000. Both electricity and synthetic liquid fuels would be produced for thousands of years to come. However our best scientists’ efforts in this endeavor got bogged down in politics and big business interests. Click here to see the Act signed by President Carter in October 1980 which should have gotten this done. The scientific projects needed to get this done came to a halt. Click here for a very authoritative article we wrote which explains how this happened.

So here we are decades later and not much has happened except that our fossil fuel reserves have gotten lower and more people around the world in developing countries are demanding a better standard of living which takes more energy.

We thought it was high time to jump over the barriers and bring this critically important information directly to the people. It is such an important issue that we collaborated with Pat Boone and wrote an 8 article series on the science, and the politics that derailed the efforts and why we need to get back on track now. Next and perhaps foremost, we do that by concentrating on what everyone is concerned about today; their pocket book and their money. And in the process we will provide some important information and facts.

Why this investment Opportunity is Ideal for “Value System” and private investors.

As you go through our project presentation you will see we have been working on this investment presentation for a long time. In fact the company due diligence video section was done with Northern California television veteran investigative news reporter, Kristen Simoes, the day before thanksgiving, 2012. Three or four days later we did the piece with singer and actor, Pat Boone, in his office.

A few days later we were in Israel shooting various videos as linked in this presentation. And recently we completed the engineering, product development, and manufacturing video in Xiamen, China. All of this could make the average person think we have a big company and lots of money behind us. We don’t. As the CBS news reporter says in her story on us, “the man behind this works out of this house…in Carmichael, CA…and it’s a pretty good idea.” Click here for the CBS News story.

The truth is we are a small company with an extended family of small investors who have gotten us this far. Now we are in a critical window to launch our product, and need to expand our family of investors. Therefore we have made this business opportunity available to you.

Why is our project success critical to America and our children and grandchildren?

There are two reasons.

The first is that if we do not do this, the electrical utilities will follow the lead of the big companies who want to get government approval for new appliances based on their belief that people want the electric utilities and/or the government to remotely manage their use of electricity (and later natural gas and water) using remote computers connected to every home in America….and all the major appliances located inside your house. Over the years we have learned that this is not what most people want. People want to know how much energy they are using and what it costs. Then people can control it without the need for “big brother like” remote control. Today the big companies have the ear of the U.S. Department of Energy and their “Green Button” focuses. Here is our video explaining this very important issue.

And here is a very short video clip showing why it is important that we present this to large numbers of citizens.

The second reason is that if we do not do this our future generations will suffer greatly. There will be future wars and energy conflicts as fossil fuels dwindle and developing countries fight to maintain their citizens’ lives which require energy. Follow this link for a presentation we prepared on this major issue. The meaty part begins at 4 minutes and 25 seconds.

Most people do not understand energy and science. Therefore there is no interest by the politicians and government to work on long term projects like “solving energy” for our children and grandchildren.

Over the course of the EMS-2020 product development Tom Tamarkin has met some very senior leaders. Harry Reid in the Senate for one, and Eric Cantor, Majority Leader of the House for another. In July 2012 Tom Tamarkin met Mitt Romney, who was running for president, in person, and Tom Tomarkin has communicated with the current White House on this issue as well as the previous White House. There is one common answer across all political party lines. Mr. Romney put it bluntly: “I have to answer the person who approaches me and asks what you can do for me over the next six months?” Or as former California Governor Schwarzenegger lectured Tom Tamarkin in the governor’s office: “My voters are concerned about the price of gasoline today. Don’t talk to me about something that will take 20 years to show any practical results.” A very important part of what we will do is to bring energy and science information into huge numbers of homes throughout the country and couple it to something everyone is concerned about: their pocket book and household expenses.

Why we are uniquely qualified to get this project done?

smart grid today As explained in the project video, we are a small group but we will grow very quickly. Jeremy mentioned Governor Schwarzenegger’s comment about “its time to return the power to the people.” That was made in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 1, 2004 and here is the official State of California photo of the Governor talking to Jeremy’s mother (my wife) along with the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert.
smart grid today
And here a few years later is the Governor lecturing Tom Tamarkin not to talk about long term things. Note in this picture his eyes are closed to insure no photo opportunity this time around.

One has to have a lot of patience and thick skin to take this on. And one also has to know what they are doing, where they are going and how to get there. Click here and see what we have done without big money and big company influence.

Each bullet line has a link to the supporting documents. And yes, Tom Tamarkin was the inventor of the “smart meter.” Click here to see its history and introduction in 1992 and scroll down and down to the “brochure pages on Peak Demand and TOU rates and Energy Management System in-home display.

As was explained in the project video, Mr. Tamarkin’s son, Jeremy, was there at the time the smart meters were first introduced in 1992, with his funny green bottom tennis shoes. Jeremy is pretty smart as well. At age 11 he made his first television appearance when CBS News affiliate Channel 2 in Reno Nevada came to our house to interview him. Click here for the KTVN story on Jeremy and how he upset his friends with his invention.

Watch an automated slide show of our progress from the time of California’s now famous energy blackouts to present.

Our project YouTube Chanel contains a 12 part Smart Meter School and the Smart Meter TV section. And perhaps most importantly of all, see the USCL shareholder meeting sections. Our success will be insured by our full disclosure and straightforwardness with everyone, including our future investors:

Click here for our letter to President Obama on our pioneering work with the smart meter and the future of Energy leading to his incorporation of the smart meter in his stump speeches in 2009 and 2010.

Why is this Fusion4Freedom Project So Important?

Click here and pay special attention to the scrolling message at the top of our USCL Corporation web page. The web site is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Russian and Tagalog.

Our project involves our hardware technology that will save you money when implemented. It will allow you to budget your electric power expenses and in time natural gas and water.

But…and perhaps more importantly our project will be a long term delivery system to get important energy facts and fun science lessons delivered to huge numbers of Americans. Why is this important? Click on this link and read the first two paragraphs: simple statements in plain English by a well-known scientist and author.

Next, download Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air” by David MacKay. sustainable energy without the hot air cover

“This is a must read for anyone who wants to help heal our world.”

–Carol Atkinson
Chief Executive of BRE Global

We’ve given you a very important book in its entirety, which would cost you money at your favorite book store. More importantly, we are showing just how important what we are doing really is. You will see this is not just “hot air.”

For the second book, click on this link to download a free copy of “The Fourth State of Matter” by Yaffa and Shalom Eliezer

These books are the beginning of our science media content to be delivered on our EMS-2020 displays and system in homes all around the country.

You will learn just HOW important this project really is.

Our Team:

our team
Pat Boone: Pat has served as our official spokesperson since May 2011. Pat helps us take complicated concepts and put them into language non-scientists understand. Pat also helps us with publicity, PR and media. Pat is a legendary Hollywood icon in the preforming arts who traces his ancestry to the American pioneer, Daniel Boone. Pat has sold over 45 million albums, had 38 top 40 hits, and starred in more than 12 Hollywood motion pictures. Pat graduated from Columbia University in New York City, magna cum laude in 1958. Pat is well-known for his old-fashioned values, which contributed to his fame and popularity in the early days of the rock & roll era to the present. Today he is still active on television and in the motivational speaking circuit. Pat has spent the last few years writing columns and books and runs his own record label named Lion & Lamb. Pat’s first book, “Twixt Twelve and Twenty,” Prentice Hall, was a number 1 Best Seller in America. Pat lives with his wife of 60 years, Shirley, in Beverly Hills, California.

Charlie Chen: Charlie received an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering followed by a MBA from a University in the UK. Charlie is CEO and President of OWON/Lilliput and heads its Toronto Canada office as well. He divides his time between Canada and China. Because of Charlie’s international experience and UK education he serves as the principal interface between the R&D group and factory in China with USCL EnergyCite in the United States. Charlie’s written and verbal English skills contribute to the successful integration of the multinational team. Charlie enjoys international travel and photography when he is away from his team responsibilities.

Tomer Tamarkin: Tomer is the founder and president of USCL/EnergyCite® and team leader. Tomer has set up a time line from birth to present on Facebook with all achievements and a detailed resume. See February 21, 2011 entry for the details of our relationship with Pat Boone leading to this project.

Gerald Schroeder, Ph.D.: Dr. Schroder is the principal author of one of the first books EnergyCite has commissioned for electronic reading format in its EMS-2020 product. Gerald has over thirty years of experience in research and teaching. He earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This was followed by five years on the staff of the MIT physics department prior to moving to Israel, where he joined the Weizmann Institute of Science and then the Volcani Research Institute, while also having a laboratory at The Hebrew University. His Doctorate is in two fields: Earth sciences and physics. Gerald is the author of four books; one was a non-fiction best seller.

Yaffa Eliezer: Yaffa is working with her husband, Dr. Shalom Eliezer, on the second book EnergyCite has commissioned on science and energy for electronic reading format in is EMS-2020 product line. Yaffa is a past department administrator at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel and the author of two fiction books as well as the co-author of a popular book in science titled “The Fourth State of Matter” along with her husband Dr. Shalom Eliezer.

Shalom Eliezer, Ph.D.: Shalom is working with his wife, Yaffa, on the second book EnergyCite has commissioned on science and energy for electronic reading format in is EMS-2020 product line. Shalom is a past Senior Researcher in the field of plasma science and nuclear physics at the Soreq Nuclear Research Center in Israel. He is the author of many university level text books in the field of nuclear physics as well as the co-author of a popular book in science titled “The Fourth State of Matter” along with his wife Yaffa, Eliezer. Shalom has served as a visiting professor in leading universities all around the world including Europe and the United States and he is the author of close to fifty scientific papers.

Kid Yound: Kid is our mobile phone apps design engineer. He works in the OWON office in Xiamen, China. Kid has been developing mobile apps for over three years and is proficient in ios application and ios mobile game development. He has much experience in Linux, OS X operating systems as well. Kid pursues free combat, tennis, skateboarding, and basketball in his spare time.

Ben Wang: Ben is our ZigBee Radio hardware and firmware engineer. He has over 5 years experience designing ZigBee based energy control and home automation devices. He is proficient in ZigBee HA (Home Automation profile) and ZigBee SE (Smart Energy profile) and is expert in the use of the Ember 35X ZigBee development platform. He has successfully developed and put into production many ZigBee based products. Ben is a big fan of science fiction books and movies and plans to write science fiction some time soon.

Peter Zhu: Peter is our principal engineer responsible for the entire EMS-2020 product line. He has 7 years’ experience with Linux based development environments and has been involved in various industry’s including GPS navigation product development, ink-jet printers, controller modules for PCs, RFID readers and various Web remote control systems. Peter is an accomplished chess player and won many chess championships while in college and Peter is a well-known regional chess champion.

Woodie Wu: Woodie is our lead software engineer. Most of his professional post accademic experience has been with Windows CE operating system and he had developed user interfaces, communications interfaces, control interfaces, and CPUs. Woodie is by far the most athelitic member of our team and is outstanding in Badminton, tennis, Jogging, mountaineering, and swimming.

Jeremy Tamarkin: Jeremy is working his way up and now is the head customer service rep. Jeremy has five years’ experience with one of the nation’s largest do it yourself home retailers and has experience working with customers in electrical and home building products. Prior to his home product experience, Jeremy was a certified personal trainer in California.

Our Patented Products and Technology:

We bring the world’s energy dash board and your home energy dash board to the tip of your fingers; literally, when our smart phone apps run our EMS-2020 on your iPhone or Android. Our unique science books become the first media content for display on the EMS-2020, your PC, or EnergyCite enabled smart phone.

Examples of the World Energy Dashboard Screens. These update every few seconds in real time:

  • Alternative Energy Production
  • World Energy Production
  • World Energy Consumption
  • US Energy Consumption
  • CO2 Added to Atmosphere
  • Fossil Fuel Production

energy widgets


ems 2020
Total Home Energy Management tools to help you save money

  • Icon driven menus that let you navigate quickly and effortlessly; a mere click shows you how much you are saving!
  • Supports manual, automatic, or remote load control
  • Wireless ZigBee enabled communications to power meter, programmable communicating thermostat, gateway, energy hubs, and smart plugs
  • Establish a budget and manage consumption at a glance with the Daily and Monthly Use. Dual bars display the percent of user defined budget from the beginning of the billing time cycle and the end of month projected amount of power presenting these side by side comparisons, the home owner can quickly see whether the budget is on track or will be exceeded. .If the budget is in jeopardy of being exceeded the EMS-2020 sounds an audible alarm and also generates alarm messages routed to your EnergyCite® Mobil phone apps.
  • Supports all tiered, time of use, peak demand and real time pricing structures in use by U. S. utilities.
  • Over the air software downloads insure up to the minute tariff compatibility in all areas of the country
  • Supports EnergyCite e-books and media

For more comprehensive technical information and data sheets click here to go to the web site and query through contact us.


Main Features

• 3” LCD screen
• Backup li-ion battery
• Temperature remote control
• Temperature and humidity display
• Supports 7-day programming
• Multiple HOLD options
• Heating & cooling indicator
• Compatible with heating, cooling,
and heat pump systems

Home Energy Monitor
• ZigBee SEP1.x compatibility
• Smart Meter Interoperability: Trilliant, Silver Spring Network & Itron
• Real-time energy usage tracking
• Time-of-Use information display
• Energy usage trend forecasting
• History data display and exporting

Main Specifications
SOC Embedded Platform
• CPU: ARM Cortex-M3
• Flash ROM: 128 MB

Wireless Connectivity
• ZigBee 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4

Data Interfaces
• Mini USB port

• Power adapter input: AC 100 ~ 240V
• Power adapter output: DC 5V
• Rated power consumption: 1W

LCD Screen
• 3” Monochrome LCD
• 128 x 64 pixels

Built-in Li-ion Battery
• 330 mAh

• 120 (W) x 22 (L)x 76 (H) mm

• 186 g

• Changeover: Auto/Manual Selectable
• Switch positions (System): HEAT-OFF-COOL-AUTO
• Switch positions (Fan): AUTO-ON-CIRC
• Power method: Hardwired
• Terminal Designations: R, RH, RC, W, Y, G, C
• Stages: Heat/ Cool
• Sensor element: Digital humidity / temperature sensors
• Setting temperature range: Heat: 4.5 C to 32 C; Cool: 10 C to 37 C

Compliance and Approvals
• ZigBee Alliance, CE, FCC, RoHS

SEG-2020-A Gateway

SEG-2020-A Gateway
One of our engineering team members is working with the PCB and mechanical packaging of the gateway using CAD tools .This gateway is in the late development stage and under alpha level test now.

Main Features

Advanced Feature Highlights

• CEA-2045 (USNAP) Slots: Plug and Play ZigBee modules to freely switch among various AMI radio platforms including Trilliant, Silver Spring.

• Green Button Data: Allows the home owners to access to the universal energy database by connecting to the Internet.

• Remote software / firmware upgrade: Through ZigBee OTA / Internet / USB port / LAN port.

Smart Meter Interoperability

• ZigBee Connectivity: Compliant with ZigBee SEP 1.x.

• AMI Compatibility: Interfaces with AMI platforms and acquires high-resolution data from smart meter.

Home-Area-Network Integration

• Home Energy Management: Connects smart energy devices such as smart thermostat, smart power plug; in-home display, load controller, etc. using the ZigBee SE profile.

• Home Automation Integration: Connects home automation devices such as lighting, smart power plug, door sensors, smoke detectors, etc. using the ZigBee HA profile.

• Mobile Devices: Connects to smartphones and tablets via WiFi-to-gateway or Web portal to facilitate active user involvement.

Wide-Area-Network Accessibility

• Internet Accessibility: Connects the HAN to the Internet via Broadband.

• Cloud Server Interoperability: Connects the HAN with cloud server allowing two-way information sharing including downstream control command and upstream data.

Energy Information Display, Storage and Exporting

• Remotely Access to Real-Time Energy Data: Allows remotely monitor and manage real-time energy data using mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

• Real-time Indication: Uses lighting bar to indicate the TOU period and instantaneous power consumption level.

• Energy Data Exporting: Stores energy data locally in universal format and could be downloaded via Ethernet, wireless connectivity or USB port.

Main Specifications

SOC Embedded Platform

·CPU: S3C 2416 • NAND FLASH: 64M

·OS: Embedded Linux

Wireless Connectivity

·ZigBee HA/SE • 433 MHz


Data Interfaces

·CEA-2045 (USNAP) x 1 • Ethernet (LAN) x 1

·USB Host x 1 • Ethernet (WAN) x 1

·Mini USB Device x 1

ZigBee-based Wireless Smart Plug

ZigBee-based Wireless Smart Plug
Main Features

• Controlled via ZigBee that is rapidly becoming the standard for energy management

• Measures the energy consumed by the appliance, allowing total energy management by the consumer

• Enables remote on-off control of lighting and other appliances

• Extends the range and strengthens ZigBee network communication

• Protects electronics from power disruptions and excess line voltage

Main Specifications

Wireless Transmission

• ZigBee

Operating g Voltage

• 120 V or 240 V AC

Max. Load Current

15 Amps @ 120VAC; 10 Amps @ 240 VAC

Operating power

• Load energized: < 0.50 Watts; Standby: < 0.2 Watts Calibrated Metering Accuracy

• Better than 2% 2W-1800W

Surge protection

• MOV rated for 300V


• 102 (L) x 64(W) x 38 (H) mm


• 113g

Compliance and Approvals


EnergyCite® ZigBee to USB Energy Gateway

EnergyCite® ZigBee to USB Energy Gateway

The USB Energy gate way allows your PC to become the EMS-2020. The USB adapter contains the ZigBee radio transceiver which communicates with your smart meter outside. The software allows the application to run on your PC under windows. The software also enables our worldwide energy dash board displays and transfers the information from your smart meter to the EnergyCite® network and to your smart phone anywhere in the world. These photos are of the prototype USB Energy gateway and an early basic software release used in our EnergyCite® trademark renewal application on file with the United States Patent and Trademark office.


Our goals and objectives have been very have been very carefully thought out. We have been working on them for well over a decade. They are wholly consistent with the primary objective of our project which is the dissemination of information on science and energy and the provision to utility customers with tools to help them conserve energy and save money. Our goal is to make our family of investors a part of building a new generation of curious young people interested in science and helping the world become a more rational and inhabitable place for our future generations.

Few people realize that energy will become the most serious problem the world faces. Why? Because most all of our energy today comes from fossil fuels and when they are depleted the world goes dark for the majority of people. Sure everyone has heard the phrase “just go green,” but how many people know what that means and to what extent it is possible. That is why we have developed the EMS-2020 product line and why an integral portion of it is the delivery of science and energy information. Our EnergyCite® network has the potential to deliver science and energy information and media content to every home in America. Energy is fundamental to transportation, comfortable housing, industrial output, agriculture, and potable water.

To underscore the importance of conservation and an understanding of the science of energy, we have designed our EMS-2020 hardware product line to support “media delivery” including video and electronic books.

On April 28, 2009 we contacted President Obama regarding the energy situation. Click here for our letter to him and note the paragraph highlighted in yellow on page 3. Note our call for the energy analysis. It was never done. Six months later we hired well-known and well published scientists to conduct such an energy analysis. It confirmed what we have always known; alternative energy as we know it today would provide only enough energy to meet 3.7% of 2050 worldwide energy demand.Click here for that initial report.

If that analysis peaks your interest please click here for a free copy of David MacKay’s book “Sustainable Energy-Without the hot air.” We have posted the entire book as well as a short ten page synopsis.

The problem we have run into over the years is that these stubborn facts don’t support “just go green.” Yes you can run a house on solar cells. With enough solar cells and batteries the house can be self-sufficient (except when the air conditioning is turned on.) However, did you know that the average American uses well over 100 times more energy in their car per month than in their home? Why? One horse power =746 Watts. A car with a 250 horse power engine takes 186,500 Watts or 186 kW at full engine load. Your home electrical service only provides 24 kW.
Ok, you charge your electric car batteries over several hours, but how much energy do you really get in terms of how many miles your electric car can be driven? And…did you know there is a relationship between energy, power, and period time? Needless to say most people do not think about these things. And they would look at the report linked above and find it dry, boring, and incomprehensible. That is where we come in.

We have engaged two Ph.D. physicists and authors in Israel to write two exciting and thought provoking books for us. And they will be the beginning of the energy “reading and learning” material our EMS-2020 will present.

Shalom & Yaffa Eliezer

Dr. Shalom Eliezer, formerly of the Plasma Physics Department, Soreq Nuclear Research Center in Yavne, Israel, and his wife Yaffa, formerly with the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, are writing a new book for us which will make energy and the science of energy both accessible and fun for people who have no formal training in science. Their book will treat the issue of “energy flux density” and will provide a detailed but plain English case for why the green alternatives as we know them today are good but totally insufficient to power the world when fossil fuels are gone. They will conclusively show how much time we have left. And they will explain the only realistic solution to correctly solving energy without nuclear radioactivity and without greenhouse gases which may contribute to climate change. Dr. Eliezer has written nearly a dozen scholarly graduate level books as well as one work for the scientifically lay titled “The Fourth State of Matter; An Introduction to Plasma Science” which NASA called a fun and important book. Click on this link for a free copy of that work as a sample of what is to come.

And a word about page 104 of that book. It is very outdated. The curves shown from Lawrence Livermore National Labs are about 100 years further out than what is accepted today. Why? No one took into consideration the energy needs of the developing world then. Remember the U.S. only has 4% of the world population. Other people have to eat and be comfortable too. Our new book will be totally updated. And this will be used to get the word out to lots of people that we really do need to fix energy. Otherwise future generations will be in jeopardy.

Watch the video discussion with Dr. Shalom and Yaffa Eliezer and Tom Tamarkin.

Gerald Schroeder

Dr. Gerald Schroeder, a MIT Alumni, past associate with the United States Atomic Energy Commission, and bestselling non-fiction author of 4 well known books, is writing a new fifth book for us on the philosophy of energy and the moral imperative to solve energy correctly for our children’s and grandchildren’s sake. Dr. Schroeder has a rich following around the world with his popular books. Click here to learn more about Gerald Schroeder and his background.

Watch the video discussion with Dr. Schroeder and Tom Tamarkin.

Why have we chosen Israeli scholars to do this for us? Simply put these issues are too politically hot to handle for most scientists in the United States. No one wants to get cross with the people funding laboratories or universities, whatever that source is. Israel, being a very small country with few natural energy resources, is immune from such influences and at the same time rich in scientific acumen. It is for this reason that we have been working in Israel for many years with groups such as the Ariel University Center as described in the USCL Private Placement Memorandum brochure, Section 05, Differentiation. The brochure has been available since 2008. (Remember what we said about the utility industry moving at the speed of a glacier.)

Patents, Trademarks, and IP

Tom Tamarkin is the principal inventor of the United States patents 7,379,791, 8,306,668, and 8,639,390 as well as a granted patent in Israel, China, and the European Union based on the 7,379,791.Tom also has a significant patent pending with the U.S. patent office as well as Israel and the EU. The granted patents and pending patent claim set may be reviewed by clicking here.

The following video was recorded in Jerusalem where our patent attorney explains the basics of patent law and what our patents cover for our backers.

We have been granted registered trademark status on EnergyCite® by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We are filing to register EMS-2020™ with the trademark division of the USPTO as part of this project and will file the mark application at the close of this offering.

Going Forward Plan

I. Premise

  • Fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and petroleum are finite and will no longer be economically viable to produce by 2050-2060. See this video presentation
  • at Boone and Tom Tamarkin have written a series of 8 articles on this subject and the only realistic solution which were published in several electronic newspapers under Pat Boone’s name. Here Pat and Tom talk about energy, the articles, and the solution.
  • The articles provide a comprehensive explanation in layman’s terms of what the world’s energy solution is and why it has not been done to date. The entire set of articles may be found at These articles are extensive, well researched and the product of several years investigation, travel, and effort.
  • The solution is the conversion of mass into energy per Albert Einstein’s formula of E=MC2. The preferred way to do this is through a process known as atomic fusion.
  • Fusion is the ultimate green energy because it produces no greenhouse gas emissions, no radioactive waste, and does not use up natural resources to any significant level. Unlike current nuclear fission, fusion cannot “go critical” and blow up. Fusion does not use radioactive fuel cycle elements and has no use in black market weapons trade.
  • Atomic fusion uses elements in the ocean for its fuel cycle and has the ability to provide power for mankind for millions of years to come.
  • Fusion can be used to produce synthetic liquid and gas fuels for the ground & maritime transportation and aviation industries.
  • The cost of the fuel is so low that only the amortization of the energy generating plants becomes the major “cost of power” and the profit potential of the power is similar to that generated today by coal and natural gas without the fuel source costs.
  • Average American’s are unaware of this. Since there is no rallying by the people, there is no interest by politicians to have the government take this on under the U.S. Department of Energy, etc. DOE’s involvement in fusion science has been reduced to ITER obligation project support only. ITER is an international science experiment located in Southern France administered by the UN and IAEA.

II. Background

  • 125 million old fashion electrical utility power meters are being replaced around the United States with modern digital electronic power meters. Almost all of these new smart meters contain 2 data communication radio sets. One sends power use information data to the utility. The second sends and receives data inside the home or building over a home area network. This presentation by Tom Tamarkin to the Smart Power Grid Technology Conference in Silicon Valley explains how this works.
  • Tom Tamarkin was the inventor of the “Smart Meter” and has five granted patents and three pending patents on the smart meter and system topology. Smart Meter history
  • The Smart Meter has become controversial and an anti-smart meter movement has developed. A recent article in a trade publication called Smart Grid Today interviewed Tom Tamarkin about this.
  • The first principal issue of concern over smart meters relates to issues of privacy and the perceived ability for invasion of home by remote monitoring or spying by utilities or governmental agencies.
  • The Tamarkin/EnergyCite® products and patents address this first concern by providing a “fire wall” between the utility and the inside of the home; only meter billing data is sent to the utility nothing else. Tom Tamarkin explains the firewall in this video
  • The second principal area of concern over smart meters relates to a strategy by big businesses to gradually connect and control energy using appliances within homes and buildings to a remote computer for the control of such appliances and the approval of appliances for sale by the government excluding appliances which do not allow for such remote control. The reason the government wants this done relates to limiting peak power demand when power is in short supply.
  • The Tamarkin/EnergyCite® products and patents address the second concern by providing in-home control and scheduling of the appliances by local in-home controller and/or the home owner/consumer. External control is not allowed unless agreed to by the consumer. Tom Tamarkin explains in-home control and scheduling in this video
    Further the Tamarkin/EnergyCite® product allows us to bring the utility meter inside the home or building and to provide home owners with real time utility use and cost information in dollars and cents updated every few seconds. This CBS News report shows how Tom Tamarkin/EnergyCite® does this
  • Home owners, rental tenants, and small business operators save money by using less power and/or altering their time of us.
  • Most importantly, a major part of the EnergyCite® products and service value is the fact that energy and science data program material are delivered to homeowners and consumers without the filter of prejudice and “green bias.”
  • The Tamarkin/EnergyCite® patent portfolio covers the above issues and puts Tamarkin/EnergyCite® in a leadership position to do what is right for the consumers as individuals and limit the external control issue when people of that mindset want it limited. Click here for links to the granted and pending patents

III. Business Opportunity

  • The Tamarkin/EnergyCite® patents and IP are such that the “single end user” is the utility company. Single end user is a patent law term that has meaning when patents are enforced.
  • Tamarkin/EnergyCite® are therefore entitled to compensation to the extent it allows the utility industry to “practice” the patents…to do what the patents cover.
  • The modern smart meter sends power use to the utility over a wide area network (WAN) and allows operation of a home area network (HAN) for data display and device control at the utility customer’s location. This is exactly what the Tamarkin/EnergyCite® patents cover.EnergyCite®/Tamarkin’s international patent attorney in Jerusalem, Israel explains in this video
  • The economic advantage using the subject of the patent to the utility relates to the billing system and the monies Tamarkin/EnergyCite® would receive are based on the financial transactions between the utility customer and the utility, on a recurring basis.
  • EnergyCite® plans to capitalize on this by producing revenues through the licensing of the IP to the industry based on a consortium it is organizing.
  • EnergyCite® can generate IP license fee revenue as the smart meter rollout progresses. Additional revenue is generated through its hardware and software product sales and leases.

IV. Plan

  • USCL plans to invest a significant percentage of the net earnings generated from this consortium in pursuit of completing the scientific research needed to prove and commercialize fusion in the private sector and with national Lab partners such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and others. This will be done through a consortium organized for the public good with transparent operation and management.
  • The balance of the revenue will be distributed to the USCL/EnergyCite® core of early private investors.
  • The United States Department of Energy “Green Button” program and other federally funded programs from the president’s stimulus projects discounts the value and need for real time in-home utility use and cost information, and in fact, encourages and subsidizes the alternative central data collection and management approach.
  • EnergyCite®/Tamarkin plan to correct this oversight by jumping over the very slow moving utility industry and its regulators to take its message directly to the American people regarding the Smart Meter and provide a very inexpensive wireless link to the meter allowing people to get their utility data in “live real time” and in dollars and cents.”
  • EnergyCite®/Tamarkin has engaged Dr. Gerald Schroeder in Jerusalem, Israel to write a new (and fifth for him) book on the moral imperative to solve energy as a matter of social responsibility to our children. Dr. Schroeder’s past works may be reviewed at his web site
  • EnergyCite®/Tamarkin has engaged Dr. Shalom & Yaffa Eliezer of Rehovot, Israel to write a new book on the science of energy and the statics of energy plus a layman’s guide to fusion power and the development of fusion. Dr. Eliezer’s new book will be roughly based on his “Plasma, The Fourth State of Matter” which is available on our Web site as a PDF.
  • These books will be provided to youth groups, churches, synagogues, libraries, and school PTA groups around the country to sell to distribute to their members as fund raisers.
  • We will produce and offer these two books as audio book recordings.
  • These audio books will be provided to youth groups, churches, synagogues, libraries, and school PTA groups around the country to sell to distribute to their members as fund raisers.
  • In time we will produce a video series of these works meant for lay people which will be distributed over the EnergyCite Network.
  • In time we will produce a science video series meant for lay people which will be distributed over the EnergyCite Network.